According to court documents, Brad Pitt choked, hit his children, and Angelina Jolie on a flight in 2016.

Actress Angelina Jolie claims that Brad Pitt beat her and her children during their infamous 2016 flight in her countersuit against him in the French winery case. She also accused him of punching another child in the face, choking one of their six children, and even acting violently toward her when he became enraged.

Because Angelina bought a portion of their French winery from Brad Pitt, he had sued her. The grounds for Angelina’s divorce from Brad are laid forth in her countersuit. According to a CNN report, the paper claims that Brad and one of their six kids, who were then between the ages of 8 and 15, got into a fight before they left for the airport.

Pitt had an altercation with one of the kids even before the family arrived at the airport, which is when Pitt’s hostile behaviour began. Jolie approached Pitt and enquired as to what was wrong after the plane took off, according to the lawsuit. Pitt verbally abused her and accused her of showing too much deference to the kids. Before forcing her against the bathroom wall, he “pulled” her into the toilet, “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again.”

“Jolie grabbed Pitt from behind to restrain him as he leapt towards his own child. Pitt hurt Jolie’s back and elbow while attempting to lift Jolie off of his back, according to the lawsuit. “The young people dashed in and valiantly attempted to defend one another. Pitt choked one of the kids and hit another one in the face before it was all over.”

Brad responded to the allegations. According to his representative, “(Angelina’s) tale keeps changing every time she repeats it, adding additional, speculative assertions. Brad won’t take blame for things he didn’t do, but he has accepted responsibility for what he did. These latest charges are entirely false.

Angelina made the decision not to file a police report after the incident and the FBI became involved. Following a trial behind closed doors where the accusations were made, the court granted Pitt joint custody of the kids. However, following a motion from Jolie, an appeals court overturned the judgement by disqualifying the private judge for failing to disclose any conflicts of interest. They still parent their children together. The French winery, however, has resurrected attention for the case.

When Brad and Angelina got married in 2014, they had been dating for ten years. Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, and a judge ruled that they were no longer married in 2019. However, the divorce case has not yet been resolved because of unresolved custody and financial difficulties.

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