Chris Hemsworth’s naked scene is one of the most watched parts of the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer on YouTube. Marvel fans have rewound and watched it more than any other scene.
The most watched part of the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, which is 2 minutes and 16 seconds long, is the scene where Chris Hemsworth is naked. Thor fans couldn’t get enough of the scene where Zeus “flicks” Thor’s robe off, leaving him completely naked in front of the whole Olympia when the trailer came out last week. found that the trailer video on YouTube gets a lot more views around the two-minute mark, when Chris is wearing nothing but his skin. Christian Bale’s first role as a bad guy, Gorr the God Butcher, also got a lot of attention, but it was Chris’s scene where he was naked that really got people interested.
Chris Hemsworth had already gotten fans excited for the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer release, and within an hour of the trailer’s release, it had more than two million views on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube page alone.

The title of Love and Thunder was announced in 2019 at San Diego Comic-Con. Studio head Kevin Feige told The Hollywood Reporter that Natalie Portman would be back in the franchise for the first time since Thor: The Dark World.

Chris and Natalie aren’t the only stars of Thor: Love and Thunder. Tessa Thompson is back as Valkyrie, and Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are making their first appearances in the franchise. Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, who were in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, are also back.

After making “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, Taika Waititi is going to make another movie. Since it came out, Taika has won an Oscar and become a key member of the Disney family. He acts in and directs episodes of the Disney show The Mandalorian and is working on a Star Wars movie for the studio.

Chris is the first Marvel actor to lead a fourth solo film, Love and Thunder. The movie will be shown in theatres starting July 8.

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