Adil Khan Durrani responds to wife Rakhi Sawant's affair allegations: 'Woh bhi karsakti hai. 'Are you powerful?'

Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi Sawant’s husband, has responded to several allegations and remarks made by his wife. The news reporters approached Adil as he sat in his car on Sunday. In response to Rakhi’s claim that Adil had returned to her after she accused him of having an extramarital affair, he said, “Back to Pavillion? Humesha Rakhi ke saath hai. Main kaha gaya tha (I am constantly with Rakhi. “Where have I gone?”

“Shah Rukh bhai bhi aaye the toh kuch nahi leke aaya the,” Adil Khan Durrani added. Main kuch nahi leketha. How are you, kahun? Rakhi bolti hua hai sach hai. Sab kuch sach hai (When Shah Rukh arrived, he also brought nothing. I, too, have not brought anything. What else can I say? Rakhi’s statement is correct. Everything is correct).”

Adil also responded to Rakhi’s remark that he should face the media if he hasn’t done any wrong. He said, “Media ke saamne main aake karun kya? Main Rakhi ko ghalat bolun ya main khudko ghalat sabith karu? Mujhe yeh sab karna hi nahi hai na (What should I do in front of the media? Should I blame her or prove myself wrong? I don’t want to do all these).”

When asked if his “girlfriend issue” had been resolved, Adil replied, “Masla, sab pata hi nahi hai. How is it going? Rakhi bhi karsakti hai. Isn’t it strong? Abla naari powerful hai (I’m not familiar with those issues. What else can I say? Rakhi is capable of accomplishing anything. Isn’t she powerful? A helpless woman wields great power).”

Rakhi had previously stated to the media that Adil has another woman in his life. According to a portion of her statement, “Baat ghar pe hi rakho, kehte ho na media mein kyun aati ho. Ghar pe reh ke na mujhe fridge me nahi jana hai (Adil says I shouldn’t discuss our personal issues in public, but I won’t suffer or end up in a fridge if I keep everything private).”

Adil later posted a note to his Instagram Stories. “The way she tells me I’ll be in the fridge, even I can say I don’t want to be Sushant Singh Rajput,” he added. A sensible guy like me who stood up for her and gave her a life style and everything easy to tell didn’t come to Mumbai with a single rupee. Hats off to you; nice exit strategy, but not clever enough,” he wrote. Rakhi Sawant married Adil Khan Durrani in July of last year. They announced their engagement last month.

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