Aditya Chopra is criticised by Uorfi Javed for saying that he was unable to make Uday Chopra a star, claiming that "He Wasn't Good-Looking, His Films Failed Miserably"

Uday Chopra wasn’t a good actor, according to Uorfi Javed, who responded angrily to Aditya Chopra’s remarks about nepotism. Read on!

Uorfi Javed is well recognised for her eccentric sense of style and never misses an opportunity to make headlines. You might love her or loathe her, but you can’t just turn a blind eye to her. In addition to her unusual clothing choices, she draws attention for unapologetically airing her ideas.

She recently attacked director Aditya Chopra for remarking that he couldn’t make Uday Chopra a celebrity. For more information, scroll down!

In addition to her attire, Uorfi is renowned for speaking her views. She is skilled in the art of bossing it back. In a recent episode of The Romantics, Aditya Chopra made a comment about his brother Uday Chopra, to which she recently responded. Importantly, Aditya discussed nepotism and asserted that his brother couldn’t become famous because, in the end, only the public can choose which performers they want to see. Now, Uorfi has reacted angrily to his remark.

The blatant stupidity in this statement frustrates me so badly, wrote Uorfi Javed on Twitter. Success is not the focus of nepotism; rather, it is opportunities.

Uday Chopra wasn’t attractive (not that it counts, but I’m trying to make a point), he wasn’t a decent actor, and his films bombed at the box office, but he was still hired. Even after one unsuccessful movie, he would not have received all those possibilities if it had been some other Uday Chauhan (from outside of Bollywood). Are you people going to use this to defend nepotism? Really?

The online community started responding as soon as she shared her reactions. Several people came out in her favour, while others made fun of Uorfi Javed for her remarks.

If you were in his position, would you not give your sister opportunities? said one of the users. Please stop having such a superior attitude. Everyone will strive to give their loved ones a chance, and nepotism does exist.

Nepotism is a problem in Bollywood, and nepo youngsters are destroying the industry, claimed another commenter. We must warmly welcome newcomers.

“You’re right. He would not have received a single movie if he had not been Aditya Chopra’s son.

Uday featured in almost ten movies after making his acting debut in Mohabbatein in 2000. His most recent appearance was in the 2013 movie Dhoom 3, where he made a third appearance as Sub-Inspector Ali.

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