After Milan Fashion Week, the Oscar winner and the supermodel check into the same Paris hotel to spend time together.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid appear to have all but confirmed the rumours of them dating one other without really confirming the rumours, so the sparks are definitely flying thick and fast. Leo and Gigi are frequently seen together and spending a lot of time with one other, suggesting that they are no longer trying to hide their connection. The Oscar winner recently accompanied the supermodel to Milan Fashion Week in order to spend quality time together, and now, in an effort to spend even more time with her, he has joined her in Paris for another prestigious fashion event.

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo Di Caprio check into a hotel in Paris.

Hollywood news outlets have reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed leaving the Royal Monceau hotel in Paris on Thursday night, September 29, at approximately one in the morning. This is the same hotel that Gigi Hadid was spotted entering the same evening at about ten o’clock. She is now in Paris for the fashion week there. Leo covered his face with a baseball bat while departing approximately three hours after she was seen happily grinning for the media and even talking with them.

At Milan Fashion Week, Leonardo Di Caprio is accompanied by Gigi Hadid.

Leo and a handful of his friends earlier joined his rumoured girlfriend at Milan Fashion Week. The rumoured couple, according to sources, takes advantage of any opportunity to spend time together. Below are some images of Leo and his pals from the fashion show:

Gigi has before explained how she manages to look so young despite working a demanding 14-hour shift. Look it up above.

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