After Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam's fight on Bigg Boss 16, Gauahar Khan asks, "didi kaun hai

Shiv Thakare has been chastised by Gauahar Khan for provoking Archana Gautam by mentioning ‘didi, didi’ in relation to a political leader. The actor, who ran for Congress in the past, was evicted from Bigg Boss 16 after choking him during an argument about the same.

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Archana Gautam succumbed to Shiv Thakare’s provoking words and was evicted from the show, according to Gauahar Khan. Gauahar didn’t object to her eviction, but she did wonder if Shiv was wrong to bring a political leader’s name to tease her. Shiv teased Archana by saying ‘didi,’ possibly referring to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. Archana had previously run for Congress in legislative elections.

Gauahar Khan took to Twitter late Thursday to question Shiv Thakare’s actions. “Didi didi bolneka bassss….. isn’t that a plan for provocation?” she tweeted. “Holding someone’s neck is bad!” she added. That’s terrible! And it’s punishable! But, could you please tell me, if jaati, sampraday, sect, ke baare mein bolna galat hai, toh kisi national party ke respected leader ke naam ko baar baar uchaalna galat nahi hai??? Didi didi kaun hai (If it is wrong to say something against a caste, creed, or religion, isn’t it also wrong to bring up the name of a respected leader repeatedly? Didi is a person. #provoked.”

Gauahar also chastised Archana for acting violently, implying that Bigg Boss has not always evicted contestants for acting violently in previous seasons. She stated, “Archana got physical, and she has to go…. absolutely. Getting physical should be prohibited. I only wish it had been followed in the previous seasons as well! #facts.”

“Raat se planning shuru thi,” she added. Shiv, safal hogaya! (The planning had been ongoing since the previous night, and Shiv was successful). Archana delivered what he desired on a silver platter. Stupid girl. Fell as a result of his extreme provocation and bullying.”

Gauahar went on to say, making it clear that she was not speaking in favour of Archana, “And, by the way, Archana did, in fact, poke her nails into Shiv’s neck; it wasn’t just a push! Provocation is part of the game; it tests your resolve. Definitely should’ve been removed. #bb16.”

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