After wearing a tight dress, Kim Kardashian cannot walk straight. view an online video

Kim Kardashian struggled to move while wearing a body-hugging, extremely tight outfit to Milan Fashion Week. She was unable to walk normally and had to jump to ascend stairs and even into a car. Here is a link to her behind-the-scenes video.

Kim Kardashian, a TV personality, internet sensation, and businesswoman, is once more making headlines for her fashion choices. She recently attended Milan Fashion Week and, although not even walking the runway, made headlines for her ultra-tight glittery attire. Because of her body-con dress, she posted a comical behind-the-scenes video of herself having a hard time walking and climbing stairs.

Kim came in a Dolce Gabbana outfit and high heels in the video. She was seen bouncing up stairs while wearing the dress, in addition to having trouble walking straight. She used a handrail as support as she climbed by clinging to it. When attempting to enter her automobile, she ran into a similar issue.

On social media, the video has suddenly become very popular. While some of her followers praised her commitment to fashion, others simply referred to it as “fashion tourture.” What was the purpose of all this suffering, someone questioned, “Honestly, a ‘pleasant to walk in’ version of this garment could have still looked just as nice.” Another said, “Ridiculous, Money and fame go to people’s heads.

Kim participated in Milan Fashion Week after serving as the show’s creative director for Dolce & Gabbana. Along with Kim, Kim’s sister Khole attended the occasion and generated relationship rumours with star Michele Morrone. Fans were left in the dark about the two when they posed together for a photo.

However, a spokesperson for Michele asserted to People that their interactions were “strictly friendly.” Someone from the 365 days actor’s staff reportedly stated, “Dolce and Gabbana urged them to shoot a photo at the show. While Khloe had never met Michele before, a different insider claimed told the tabloid that she had just done so in Milan during fashion week. “They’re not together. The unnamed source stated that she had no plans to see him again.

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