After witnessing Kantara, Kangana Ranaut got up and stated, "Such a film...

Kantara, a Kannada film, has been in theatres for a while. Kangana Ranaut appreciates it. Hindi theatres without any promotion were reached. The Hindi audience has been wowed by director and actor Rishab Shetty’s film Kantara because of its excellent content and original plot. In a short period of time, the movie has amassed almost Rs 15 crore in Hindi theatres. That too, at the same time that this movie was playing in theatres alongside Doctor Zee, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Rakul Preet. Numerous Bollywood celebrities have also seen the movie. Following that, the movie’s stars continued to publicly praise it on social media. Actress Kangana Ranaut’s name has recently been added to this list.

On social media, actress Kangana Ranaut recently lauded the Kannada film Kantara, which stars Rishabh Shetty. The actress added, “I recently watched the movie Kantara with my family,” praising it. I’m still uneasy. What a wonderful experience. Shabbir Shetty I salute you. Unbelievable acting, direction, writing, and action. What a beautiful blend of mythology, culture, and issues, the actress Kangana Ranaut praised Rishabh Shetty. What fantastic action and thriller imagery. Cinema calls it. Films are made for that reason. There was nothing like the theatrical experience.

I don’t think I will be able to recover from this event until next week, Kangana Ranaut continued. ‘Wow, wow, wow. In an Instagram Story video, Kangana Ranaut made these comments.

Kantara has amassed enormous wealth on a global scale.

Kantara, a movie starring Rishabh Shetty, hasn’t even been out for a month. On September 30, the movie’s Kannada version was released. The movie was also released in Hindi and Telugu after becoming a success here. On October 14, this movie was released in theatres. The movie then continued to make money, eventually making Rs 181 crore while also doing well internationally.

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