Anicka Vikhraman, a Vishamakaran actor, accuses her ex-boyfriend of physical and mental abuse and shares photos of her bruises.

Anicka Vikhraman, an actress, posted photos and accused her ex-boyfriend of physical and mental abuse. She claims she has been receiving threatening phone calls.

Anicka Vikhraman, who most recently appeared in the Tamil film Vishamakaran, has accused her ex-boyfriend of physical abuse. She took to Facebook and posted photos of herself with bad bruises and a black eye. Her former boyfriend allegedly ‘attacked’ her.

Anicka opened up in a detailed post, and claimed she’s been receiving ‘threatening calls’. She claims to have recovered and returned to work. “Despite leaving these incidents behind, I’ve been receiving threatening calls, and my family and I are constantly being degraded,” she wrote.

“The last photo was taken before my ex-boyfriend attacked me. I was very excited to show off my hair cut, which is now in the past. I’ll begin posting photos this week. “I have completely recovered and have begun shooting again; I hope everything will be fine from now on,” she added to her post.

She also revealed that she was in a relationship with a man named Anoop Pillai. He allegedly abused her mentally and physically for several years, according to her claims. “I was madly in love with Anoop Pillai. For the past few years, he has abused me both mentally and physically. I’ve never seen a man like him. He’s scaring me after all of this. I never imagined he’d do something like this to me. The second time, I filed a complaint with Bengaluru police about him beating me. “He fell at my feet and cried the first time he beat me in Chennai,” she wrote.

“After he harassed me for the second time, I filed a complaint with the Bangalore police. He first defeated me in Chennai. That day, he sobbed and begged me to leave the situation alone. I was a moron. When I did it a second time, I filed a complaint, but he paid the cops and trapped me. He kept beating him, assuming the cops were there,” she added.

She went on to say that her boyfriend was still assaulting her. She claimed he bribed the cops, who then asked her to drop the case. He used to monitor her WhatsApp messages, she added.

“I then made the mistake of leaving. The second time he tried this, it didn’t work. Because he also managed to pay the cops. He assaulted me with the firm belief that the police would ask me to leave the situation alone. I’ve been dumped several times in the last few years. So I decided to abandon him. But this man was not about to abandon me. Without a doubt, we were friends. He shattered my phone. As a result, I was unable to attend the shoot. Even before that, he was secretly monitoring all of my WhatsApp messages via his laptop,” she added.

Anicka stated that she has filed a police report and that her missing ex-boyfriend is in New York. Anicka made her lead acting debut in the film K. Her next appearance will be in Enga Pattan Parthiya.

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