During his European tour, Annu Kapoor was a victim of theft. The Antakshari host shared the news on Instagram and recounted his ordeal in a video. He claimed that his valuables, including his bag and electronics, were stolen while he was travelling abroad by train. He compared the fact that his passport was still with him to ‘dodging a bullet.’ He also stated that local railway officials were assisting him and that he was travelling to Paris to file a complaint about the situation.

Annu posts a video warning others
Annu captioned his Instagram video, “I am on a tour to Europe, sadly my bag with my gadgets and valuables was stolen in France.” He advised his fans and followers to be cautious of their belongings when travelling to France or elsewhere. Annu stated in his video in Hindi, “My Prada bag, which contained my credit card, diary, some Euro cash, and iPad, was stolen. Everything was taken. Be extremely cautious whenever you visit France. These are professional thieves. I’m now going to a Paris police station to file a complaint.”

Annu fans request that he look after them.
Annu Kapoor is a well-known name in the television and film industries. He has also had extensive experience in radio, production, theatre, and directing. After the video of Annu reporting theft went viral, the actor revealed more about his experience. His fans were overjoyed and grateful that he was safe in a foreign land and receiving assistance from authorities.

“Sad Sir…thanks for the heads up and please do take care of yourself,” one social media user wrote. anday cheval chevalgültig chevalworkgültig cheval Bankgültig cheval selfgültig cheval actual chevalgültig cheval cheval “It’s heartbreaking and frustrating. I’ve been to France a few times for business, and Paris, in particular, appears to be notorious for all of these issues. Keep yourself safe (sic).”

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