Anu Aggarwal recalls being in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend's mother.

Anu Aggarwal has discussed how being ahead of her time ruined her personal life. She remembered being misunderstood while in a live-in relationship

Anu Aggarwal, a former actress, has responded to a question about whether she thought she was ahead of her time when she was younger and how that affected her personal life. Anu stated in a new interview that it ruined her personal life. Anu remembered being in a live-in relationship with someone, and his mother had accepted her.

Anu also stated that ‘things were written about’ her later on, and people believed them. She stated that there was no way she could protect herself. Anu went on to say that while her personal life took a “real beating,” her work life “boomed with the personality” she possessed.

In an interview with Indian Express, Anu talked about being ahead of her time, “I’ve definitely been. When I went to Cannes in the 90s, people asked ‘Cannes kya cheeze hoti hai (What is Cannes)?’. I’ve been a forward looking girl. And I believe how the whole society works is two fold, ‘jitna acchha hota hai, utna buraa bhi hota hai (the good and bad are in balance). I could have been this totally different girl doing movies, but what happened is that it affected my personal relationship very negatively.”

“It got a real beating,” Anu said of her personal life. I was in a live-in (relationship) with him, which was considered inappropriate. His mother also lived with us, and she was very open to me. But then her friends started saying things like, ‘Anu is this and Anu is that…,’ and things were written about me in the press and magazines, and people believed it. I had no way of protecting myself, there was no social media at the time, and I didn’t have a voice. It ruined my personal life, but it boosted my professional life because of my personality.”

In 1988, Anu appeared in the Doordarshan serial Isi Bahane. In 1990, she made her Bollywood debut in the blockbuster Aashiqui. Rahul Roy and Deepak Tijori also appeared. The film was a huge box office success. Its sequel, Aashiqui 2, was released in 2013 and starred Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor.

Anu has appeared in a number of films, including Ghazab Tamasha (1992), Thiruda Thiruda, Khal-Naaikaa, and King Uncle (1993), Janam Kundli (1995), and Return of the Jewel Thief (2000). (1996).

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