Archana Puran Singh has been in a lot of reality comedy shows and is noted for her unusual laughing. While The Kapil Sharma Show, on which Archana performed as a special guest, is currently on hiatus, she will continue to appear on television as a co-judge on the comedy show India’s Laughter Champion.

Archana was also a judge on Comedy Circus, a competition-based comedy programme that aired for more than a decade.
Archana recently said that she went through some terrible times while on Comedy Circus, but she had to put her pain aside and keep laughing for the purpose of the programme. Archana, who is married to Parmeet Sethi, remembered a horrific episode in which she was forced to record her laugh for the programme just after learning of her mother-in-death. law’s

She stated “I was extremely close to my mother-in-law; she was in the hospital when I arrived on set, and half way through the episode, I learned that she had died. I received a call and informed the production company that I needed to leave. The producing company wanted me to deliver the reactions and then leave. The audience laughed, and I made generic remarks. I’ll never forget sitting there, laughing and laughing, then becoming completely blank. All I could think of was my mother-in-expression. law’s It was a trying moment.”

Archana remembers having to grin and smile at the finalists’ performances while being’very frightened’ when her son, who was 13 at the time, injured his leg while playing football in England and had to be taken back to India. She stated, “As a mother, I definitely did not want to grin and laugh, but I had to when the participants were performing. I was weeping on the inside but couldn’t show it on my face. At the end of the day, we are highly paid, compensated, trained, and disciplined artists, and we will give our all regardless of the conditions.”

Shekhar Suman serves as Archana’s co-judge on India’s Laughter Champion. They were also co-judges on Comedy Circus and The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. On Saturday, June 11, India’s Laughter Champion premiered on Sony TV.

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