Avril Lavigne and Tyga appear to be making their relationship official after kissing at a Paris Fashion Week event.

Avril Lavigne and Tyga have captured the attention of fans and the media amid rumours about their romantic relationship. During Paris Fashion Week, the two were seen sharing a passionate kiss at the Mugler x Hunter Schafer event, fueling rumours of a possible romantic relationship between them.

Avril Lavigne and Tyga appear to have taken their relationship to the next level after being caught in a steamy PDA session at a Paris Fashion Week party. They were seen holding hands and exchanging kisses at a Mugler event celebrating Hunter Schafer’s new campaign.

The photos of their intimate moments quickly went viral online, and fans speculated about their romantic status. The new romance has sparked speculation, especially since Avril was previously engaged to Mod Sun and announced their breakup on his social media handle.

During Paris Fashion Week, Avril showed off her fashion-forward style at the Mugler x Hunter Schafer event, which was captured by a news reporters account. The singer of Complicated wore an oversized black Vetements hoodie adorned with diamonds, black over-the-knee boots, and her signature straight and sleek hair let down. Meanwhile, Tyga was seen wearing a grey shirt with loose pants and dark sunglasses, as well as heavy chains around his neck.

In one of the pictures, the rumored couple exchanged a steamy kiss, with Tyga closing his eyes in the moment. In another picture, they stood together and posed for the camera, with Tyga keeping a serious look on his face. The photos of the PDA between Avril and Tyga further fueled the rumors about their rumored relationship, following Avril’s recent breakup with Mod.

“Avril Lavigne and Tyga seemingly confirmed their relationship tonight while kissing at the Mugler x Hunter Schafer party during Paris Fashion Week,” the news reporters wrote on Instagram. They had also seen Ottolinger earlier in the day!”

“At least they are age appropriate,” one of their fans said in response to their photos. “I’m not upset about this pairing.” “Well, you don’t hop on a plane to Paris with a person you barely know 48 hours after breaking up, right?” wrote another fan. They clearly had something going on previously.” “They’ll have a cute baby,” another fan predicted.

“We love Avril; it’s her life to make decisions,” one person added. “Yeah, this is a rebound if we ever saw one. “You go, Avril,” someone else wrote. “But Avril is an OG!” “It’s an unusual pairing, but I’m here for it,” one person added.

Mod, who was previously engaged to Avril, addressed the rumours of their alleged breakup on social media and expressed his heartbreak, writing, “In 1 week my entire life completely changed… I just know there’s a plan for everything.

I’ll keep my head held high and always listen to my heart, even when it’s broken (heart broken emoji). Every night on tour, being surrounded by love has been an absolute blessing. Thank you for always having my back, I have the best friends in the entire world. “I’ll see you on stage.”

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