Bigg Boss 16: Daljiet Kaur denies knowing ex-husband Shalin Bhanot and says, "Leave me out of your fantasy."

Daljiet Kaur, a former Bigg Boss 13 contestant, has reacted to Bigg Boss 16 competitor and her ex-husband Shalin Bhanot’s allegations that they are close friends.
When Tina Datta asked Shalin Bhanot on Bigg Boss 16, he denied having an abusive marriage and said that he is great friends with his ex-wife.

Dalljiet Kaur has responded to her ex-husband Shalin Bhanot’s claim that they are still close friends seven years after their divorce. Shalin was conversing with Tina Datta on the current season of Bigg Boss 16. On Fridays and Saturdays, Salman Khan hosts the reality show and makes a special appearance. Dalljiet was also a contestant on the show’s 13th season in 2019.

Dalljiet and Shalin had a tumultuous divorce, and she accused him of being aggressive and even beating her when she attempted to flee their home. They married in 2009 and divorced in 2015.

On a recent Bigg Boss 16 show, Tina Datta asked him about his first marriage after he expressed his affections for her. When she inquired if his marriage was abusive, he denied it and stated that he is still closest friends with his ex-wife. He didn’t say anything about Dalljiet.

Dalljiet posted on Twitter, “No, Shalin, I am not your best buddy. Meeting once a month or twice a year for the benefit of my child does not constitute friendship. I wish you luck in your love life, but please keep my name out of your fiction and stories. And you think it’s funny? Really? Tina, I have no ill will toward you.”

She has also been reacting to Shalin’s fan accounts. In response to a tweet asking her to thank Shalin for helping her win Nach Baliye, Dalljiet said, “Yes, he danced alone on four feet and won the couple competition!”

Another fan account tweeted, “Madam, why do you follow Shalin on Instagram?” Why did you hug him during the party? Do you have any video footage? Izzat dete dete thak nehi jaha ek shalin aapko izzat dete dete thak nehi Raha in interviews or yaha aap fela rahe ho! (Shalin is constantly praising you in interviews, and you are promoting this filth)? Please be courteous.” Daljiet quickly responded, “U r a good PR.” I received it with your fan id. I’ve been divorced for over 7 years. You have one video of us exiting a vaccination centre and a COINCIDENCE of meeting at an event. Please spare me and my child for your public relations stunt. Is Instagram following counted? Is there no history? No past? or moving on?”

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