Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka Choudhary is worried about her future with Ankit Gupta after consulting an astrologer. Here's what he had to say. Watch

Astrologer Saurish Sharma made an appearance on Bigg Boss 16 in the most recent Friday episode. He came into the house to discuss his housemates’ professional and personal lives. He is seen giving advice to Tina Datta, Priyanka Choudhary, and Archana Gautam. He discussed their careers, relationships, and outlooks on life. Saurish instructed Tina to work on her ‘attitude,’ leaving Priyanka perplexed when he stated that she has no future with her friend Ankit Gupta. He chastised Archana for her ‘kaali zubaan’. ColorsTV’s promo video drew a lot of attention from viewers.

ColorsTv tweeted the promo with the caption, “Gharwaalon ko pata chalenge unke sitaaron ke raaz (The housemates will learn about their future).”

The promo began with astrologer Saurish walking into the house. The housemates gathered in the garden. “Tina,” he can be heard saying. We’ve seen a blockbuster show from your end before, but we haven’t seen another one since. I believe the issue is with you and your attitude).” Tina rose to prominence after portraying Ichcha in the drama series Uttaran.

“Mereko aapke aur Ankit ke relation ka acha future nhi dikh raha, time waste na kiya jaaye (I don’t see a bright future for you with Ankit Gupta, don’t waste your time),” Saurish said to Priyanka. Ankit and Priyanka had a good chemistry on the show, and fans frequently saw them supporting each other during house tasks. Since the beginning of the show, rumours have circulated that the Udaariyan co-stars are romantically involved.

“Archana aapke pass aisi shakti hai, jo kissi ke pass nhi hai aapki zabaan kaali hai,” Saurish said. Priyanka concluded, “Aapne toh tension dedi hume (You have given all of us tension).”

One person commented on the video, “Inko bolne ke paise milte hai (They are paid to speak).” “Ankit-Ankit-Ankit..” wrote another. Even after unfairly evicting him, they continue to use his name and his bond with Priyanka to irritate her. The cheap tricks.” “Priyanka ki attitude problem hai (Priyanka has an attitude problem),” said another. “Priyankit (Priyanka and Ankit) forever, evil eyes off,” one person wrote.

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