Bigg Boss 16 viewers are sick of 'annoying' Archana Gautam: 'Is that your banegi neta?'

In the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 episode, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia got into a heated argument with fellow contestant Archana Gautam. She became enraged and yelled at her. Nimrit lost her cool after Archana made some disparaging remarks about her. She referred to her as a ‘paagal ladki’ and a ‘ridiculous woman.’ She asked Archana to keep her filthy language to a minimum. Many fans reacted to ColorsTV’s promo video, which was released on Sunday night.

The promo was shared on the channel’s social media accounts with the caption, “Finale se 2 hafte pehle, aakhir kyun iss tarah beqaaboo huye Nimrit aur Archana? (With only two weeks until the finale, why did Nimrit and Archana lose control in a huge fight).”

The promo opened with Archana provoking Nimrit, and said, “Aur tez, aur tez (Be more loud, be more loud).” A voiceover in the background can be heard saying, “Finale se 2 hafte pehle, aakhir kyun iss tarah beqaaboo huye Nimrit aur Archana? (Just two weeks left for the finale, why did Nimrit and Archana lost their control).” Then, in the garden area Nimrit shouted at Archana with rage, “Apni zabaan dekh, paagal ladki (Just look at your language, you mad girl).” Shiv Thakare and Sumbul Touqeer Khan stood next to her. Archana replied, “Sharam karo (Have some shame)” while doing her workout on a treadmill. Nimrit said, “Ridiculous woman” in front of Shalin Bhanot in washroom.

Then, she got charged up to hit Archana, and said, “I will smack her face.” Somehow, Shalin tried to stop her. Furious Nimrit continued and said, “Bloody paagal (mad)!!” Archana shouted her lungs out and said, “You are!”

Reacting to the clip, one person commented, “Archana constantly provoking Nimrit last day, yahi planning hai iski. Kon dost banna chahega iska. phir bolti hai hum akele pad gye (Archana is planning this only, who would want to be her friend, then she will be say I am feeling alone in house).” Another person wrote, “Nimrit is awesome and genuine and good at heart. You can see it. Aap log andhe ho kya? koi bhi akele nhi khelta hai yaar (Are you guys blind, cannot you see nobody plays alone) like Priyanka portrays. Priyanka is the only one who was not alone since the beginning to the end.”

“BB has saved Nimrit by giving the finale ticket tbh,” another person wrote. It is now up to Nimrit to prove it.” “Archana ko support karne waale usse ki tarah irritating log honge, ye banegi neta..bakwaas ladki (Whoever supports Archana must be extremely irritating. She should not run for office, disgusting girl)”, writes one.

Bigg Boss is currently in its 16th season and airs Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. ColorsTV airs the show on Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. Salman Khan, who joined the reality show in its fourth season, hosts the show. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is the first winner of Ticket To Finale.

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