Chinmayi Sripada criticises Sathish for making an inappropriate 'dress' comment about Sunny Leone and Dharsha Gupta

Chinmayi Sripada criticised actor Sathish for his comment on ‘dressing according to culture’ while sharing a video from an event for Sunny Leone’s new Tamil film Oh My Ghost in Chennai. Sunny wore a saree to the event, while her co-star Dharsha Gupta wore a blue gown.

Chinmayi Sripada chastised actor Sathish for making a remark about Dharsha Gupta’s attire at a recent event. Chinmayi called his comment, in which he compared her outfit to that of Sunny Leone, who was also on stage, ‘not funny,’ and asked when such men’s behaviour would stop.

“Sunny Leone has come from Mumbai for the event, and look at the way she’s dressed,” Sathish said in a video shared by Chinmayi Sridapa from the audio launch of Dharsha and Sunny Leone’s new Tamil film Oh My Ghost (in saree). However, take a look at the other woman (Dharsha Gupta), who is from Coimbatore, and what she is wearing.” Sunny wore a pink blouse with a green saree to the event in Chennai, while Dharsha wore a blue blouse with a matching skirt.

According to NDTV, Sathish later clarified at the event that he made the statement on a lighter note, and that he was only appreciating Sunny Leone for dressing in a saree and attending the event in Chennai. Chinmayi, on the other hand, was not pleased with his remark.


Chinmayi questioned Sathish’s decision to pass judgement on Dharsha’s attire at a public event on Wednesday, writing, “I mean – to actually point at a woman and ask for mass heckling of a crowd by a man on a woman, who doesn’t dress according to culture… When will men stop acting like this? It’s not amusing.” Sathish has yet to respond to Chinmayi’s tweet or the video of him discussing Sunny and Dharsha’s outfit.

Many people responded to the singer’s tweet. “It’s sad!” one person wrote. His boring, double-meaning, non-existent sense of humour was completely uncalled for. Disgusting!” Another concurred with Chinmayi, tweeting, “If a Western person can freely wear Indian traditional wear, why can’t an Indian?” “Have you ever noticed someone pointing out Western clothing on Indian men?” Another person chastised Sathish, writing on Twitter, “I always find Sathish, who is completely untalented as a comedian, making these creepy comments about women.” He’s cringing to the max.”

Oh My Ghost is a forthcoming Tamil film starring Sunny Leone, Dharsha Gupta, Yogi Babu, Ramesh Tilak, Sathish, and GP Muthu. The cast attended the audio launch of the film, which took place recently in Chennai. Sunny, who travelled from Mumbai especially for the launch, was one of the event’s main highlights. Fans shared videos and photos of the actor from the event on social media.

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