Constance Marie has seen the narrative around women shift, both on and off-screen, since she has been a part of Hollywood since she was a teenager. The actress, who has been in films such as Selena (1997) and TV dramas such as Undone and Switched At Birth, believes the Western television landscape is doing a better job of representing changing reality.

“I’m not sure if we’re in the vanguard of changing the representation of women on film in Hollywood.” “Perhaps not,” Marie answers, adding, “but one needs to remember that it was a lot worse back then.”

How? “Like we couldn’t even do it” (do anything). You were always the one who needed to be saved as a woman. You are always available (standing there). “You’re never the lead in anything,” the actor says.

She is relieved that such preconceptions have now been shattered. “We have had some good years (now) where there will be more representation for people of colour and women in particular,” says the 56-year-old actor, who is proud to contribute to the movement with her web show, Undone, which follows three Latina women as they explore their realities with a focus on their legacy.

“I honestly believe that there are greater, more complicated, and deeper parts created for women in television.” When compared across the border, it’s typically not so much for features,” says the American actor, who has appeared in films such as George Lopez, Selena, and Switched at Birth.

Now, Marie is crossing her fingers that the upward trend continues. “In reality, women of colour were never expelled” (the industry). We’ve always been present. We just need to keep the momentum continuing now that we’ve reached the heights. So, let’s just maintain the bar high,” she concludes with a message to her female coworkers.

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