Anupamaa, a show on Star Plus, has been at the top of the TRP charts for a long time. Since the character of Anupama, played by Rupali Ganguly, first appeared on the show, it has gained a huge number of fans. People said they related to the show in many ways, not just because of her youth and style. Fans love their cute chemistry and mushy scenes even more now that Anupama is married to Anuj Kapadia, who is played by actor Gaurav Khanna. How these two characters love and support each other without question has become the new standard for what a relationship should be like.

After seeing some cute moments between Anuj and Anupamaa, Twitter recently went crazy. Someone on Twitter said, “When she tried to hold him, he always pushed her away, saying that her hands smelled like spices. He had never been held so tightly and with so much love by anyone else. Now that they each have the other,… Time goes by, but I hope their love stays the same.” Someone else tweeted, “The first rule of a relationship is to accept your partner as they are. People aren’t perfect, but the key to a healthy relationship is to accept every little thing about your partner and make sure they’re happy with it.”

After Anupamaa became popular, the channel made a new show called “Anupama- Namaste America,” which was a prequel to Anupamaa. Rupali Ganguly and other actors are now filming both shows at the same time.

Having the same talk. Rupali said, “It was a little hard to shoot both a TV series and “Anupama: Namaste America” at the same time, but Rajan Shahi and Ishika Shahi are such skilled producers that I felt well taken care of. The whole “Anupamaa” crew has been filming both shows at the same time for the past few days, but they made sure we never felt overworked and had enough time to breathe.”

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