Deepika Padukone is impressed as Ranveer Singh lavishes kisses on her poster, but the internet says 'this is too much.'

Ranveer Singh was in fine form at a store launch in Delhi on Thursday. He performed his rap song Apna Time Aayega from the film Gully Boy, and he was also impressed by Deepika Padukone, who appeared on the brand’s posters at the store. He posed for pictures in front of them, blew kisses at them, and stood proudly in front of them.

Deepika Padukone wrote on her Instagram Stories after sharing a photo of Ranveer posing in front of her poster, “Find someone who looks at you like you are their entire universe.” She also shared a video of Ranveer blowing kisses at her poster, making a wave to ward off evil eyes, and thumping his chest to show that she was all his. Deepika responded with a heart emoticon.

His fans, however, were unimpressed by his display of affection for Deepika Padukone at the store launch. Some took to Reddit to express their feelings after a video with the caption “Yeh zyada ho gaya (this is too much)” was shared. “This is too much, I’m sorry,” a Reddit user wrote. Why is he acting so strangely for the cameras? Honestly, if he had just looked at the photo and admired it, it would have expressed far more.

Even if he isn’t, this comes across as very dishonest. He’s taking the Mr. Wife route.” Another person stated, “Oh my goodness, I was wondering what this reminded me of! He’s definitely overcompensating for ‘Wife Guy.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s exposed by an Instagram model like Adam Levine.” Someone else added, “no normal person, even a loving person, would do something this cringe-worthy.” Instead of an equal companion, he appears to be an obsessive fan.”

Ranveer and Deepika have been preoccupied with their respective work schedules. The couple had not been seen together in quite some time, fueling separation rumours. They, on the other hand, continue to show each other love on social media.

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