Actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee is getting ready for her next movie, which she will be in with veteran actors like Renuka Shahane and Ananth Mahadevan. She thinks that TV actors have been treated unfairly for a long time, and Hina Khan’s recent statement at the Cannes Film Festival is proof of this. Hina went to the 75th Cannes Film Festival for the poster launch of her upcoming film “Country of Blind.” In an interview with the media, she talked about how she had been treated unfairly because she had mostly worked in TV and not in Bollywood.

IANS talked to Devoleena, and she said: “There are two… The first is what we say to be politically correct, and the second is what we really do. People talk about how the lines are blurring between different platforms, like TV, OTT, and Bollywood. But there is still discrimination, and Hina was just telling the truth.”

Devoleena continued: “Even now, when we go to an audition for a movie, we usually get turned down with the comment, “You’re a TV actor.” We all work with a lot of respect, and we all have a steady group of fans. But there are still people who look down on TV actors.”

She went on to say that many new actors worry about these kinds of thoughts because they are afraid that getting into TV acting might hurt their careers.

“For actors like me, who don’t have a background in the film and entertainment industry, it’s getting harder to find work. Many people tend to wait instead of working on TV shows because they are afraid of being typecast and not getting a chance to work in a Bollywood movie in the future “she told me.

“It also happened to me at first, but then I realised that I could choose to be an actor, which would give me a lot of chances in many different ways, or I could choose to be a Bollywood actor, which would limit my chances as a rising star. I picked the first one, “said the actress from “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.”

Devoleena is excited about her upcoming short film, “First Second Chance,” which is being directed by Laksmi R Iyer.

Nikhil Sangha, Saahil Uppal, Ananth Mahadevan, and Renuka Shahane are also in the movie. Devoleena plays “Vaidehi,” the younger version of Renuka’s character, in the movie.

On June 5, the short film will be shown on Disney+Hotstar.

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