Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood’s divorce takes an ugly turn, with accusations of cheating and refusal to return gifted ancestral jewellery.

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood’s bitter relationship is making headlines despite the fact that they split a year ago. Varun then conducted a Twitter Q&A with his fans, during which he discussed several topics, including infidelity, which Divya took offence to. Akshita, his sister, also accused Divya of not returning their ancestral jewellery. This has resulted in a public spat between Divya and Varun, as well as several derogatory allegations. Take a look at some of the things that have already been said.

Varun’s sister Akshita Sood publicly stated in a tweet that Divya has not returned their khandani jewellery. She explained how they attempted to contact Divya’s manager but were unsuccessful.

When a netizen chastised her for failing to return the jewellery, she responded, “Is ek saal baad yaad aaya? Jeene do bhai…meri manager hospital me hai (After a year, he remembered, please keep me alive, my manager is in the hospital).” She also took a photo of the jewellery before returning it. In response to another tweet, Divya stated, “I never asked for it, mujhe yaad bhi nahi tha.

I never wore them. It’s been almost a year. My manager Esha is in the hospital. Usme bhi bichari calls to remind me of this… and why wait if it’s so important?”

Too many of their fans have got involved in the jewellery matter which is out in the public eye now. Supporting Varun, one told her, “You might not value it, but people do! Thank God I unstanned a woman like you ✌️ And yes, glad that you are giving this back.

Rann Bhai ka jo jersey hai, Varun ne aapko Diya AOS main woh bhi dedo wapis. It’s NOT just jersey for Rann and Varun both ✌️✌️” To this, Divya replied, “That jersey was just on the show .. he took it back just after we came out of the house ��”

During Varun’s Q&A, a fan inquired as to whether he was the one who cheated on Divya. “I didn’t bro,” he said. In response, Divya tweeted, “And if I start asking questions and answering them… hahaha. DO NOT PUT MY PATIENCE TO THE TEST.” “Nai kia yaar cheat, cheap harqate, Fattu nai hu, Bolke nikli thi!” Divya replied to another user who asked if she cheated on him. (Image courtesy of Instagram)

Divya, who had previously avoided discussing her motivations, is now actively refusing to accept some of the allegations levelled against her. When someone referred to her as a “attention seeker” in relation to her tweet about Varun, she responded, “Yeah wanted that attention from him, I didn’t get thus left…”

“It’s not right or wrong.. it’s expecting something you’re never going to get.. and will only be thinking I’m not enough,” Divya told an internet user. She also mentioned how Varun tries to contact her for various reasons. “Kuch nai yaar koi na koi bahane se contact karte hai shanti bhang karte hai ho gaya bhai forget it now,” she wrote.

A fan advised Divya to be clear about what went wrong in her relationship with Varun in order to avoid confusion, but she responded, “It’s very simple.. people around me can tell I’m a happy person now that I’m not having toxic conversations.. and there’s no more crying.

It’s a lovely life with many people who are pleased for me. I wasn’t happy before, but now I am. That is all that is important.”

Divya revealed in an interview with a portal last year, “I couldn’t see a future with Varun, so I decided to end the relationship on a positive note. It was my decision to post the news of our breakup on social media, and I took a lot of heat for it. I used to be abused, but I chose to ignore it because what matters is my inner peace.”

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