Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki are the three movies that Shah Rukh Khan has planned. The Pathaan movie has finished filming, and its 25 January 2023 release date has been set. The movie Jawan will be released in theatres in June of next year, and the Christmas 2023 release date for Dunki. While fans of Shah Rukh Khan are anticipating these movies, they have been waiting impatiently to see them in Don 3 as a don. The director of Don and Don 2, Farhan Akhtar, is frequently questioned about Don 3. However, it appears that SRK has now rejected Don 3.

A rumour in Bollywood Hungama claims that Shah Rukh Khan was offered the role of Don 3 but declined it. The superstar loved the script, but he wasn’t quite sold on it, the source informed the site. When he feels completely confident in the film’s storyline, he wants to work on Don 3. Additionally, given the current box office situation, which is not terrific, he wants to be absolutely certain before filming Don 3. Farhan is currently back at the drawing board.

As he will shortly wrap up the filming of Jawan and Dunki, SRK is reportedly hunting for scripts. The actor’s most recent feature film appearance was in the 2018 film Zero.

Following the failure of Zero, Shah Rukh Khan took a hiatus, and of course the pandemic delayed his initiatives. But because a new superstar is released every six months, 2023 will be a delight for his followers. Fans of SRK are especially anticipating Brahmastra because the actor makes a cameo appearance in it. His followers have assumed that the actor will play Vanarastra in the movie after catching a peek of a character in the teaser. Well, we’re certain that SRK fans are eager to see him in Brahmastra, which is scheduled to come out on September 9, 2022.

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