Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh are getting married in a month. Their families had “given up” on them, but now they want to do things to make them happy. Sangram has also said that his mother began looking for brides as soon as he got a job. He also said that he didn’t like it when Payal cried on Lock Upp while her fellow contestants made fun of her by calling her by his name.

Lock Upp contestant Payal and her wrestler boyfriend Sangram just confirmed that they will get married on July 9 in Ahmedabad or Udaipur in a “low-key destination wedding.” The two people have been together for 12 years and got engaged in 2014.

Payal told ETimes that their families had once “given up” on them, but that they now plan to do things that will make their parents happy as they get older. She also said that Sangram’s mom would love to see him get married.

Sangram also said that it was the right time for them to get married because his mother had been waiting for this day for a long time. “As soon as I got a job, my mother began looking for brides. Every Sunday, the family of a possible bride would be at home. My mom would make up reasons for me to come home from work early. In our village, most people get married between the ages of 22 and 24.”

He also said, “This time, the decision to get married was made on the spot. Payal was on a reality show, and I saw that her other contestants often made fun of her by calling her my name, which made her cry. I didn’t like that, and we’ve been together for years, so I thought, let’s get married. I wanted July 21, which is also my birthday, to be our wedding date, but my mother said there is no mahurat for weddings after July 9, so I had to agree to July 9 instead.

When Payal and Sangram were on the adventure show Survivor India together in 2012, they fell in love. On the show, 22 people were left for 45 days on Caramoan island in the Philippines without any amenities.

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