Kim Kardashian is always in the news, whether it’s about her clothes, her personal life, or what she says. In a new interview, the reality TV star said she would gladly eat “poop” if it would help her look younger. As soon as Kim said it, people started talking about it on social media.

In an interview with the New York Times that came out on Wednesday, the 41-year-old said, “I’ll try anything.” “I might eat poop every day if you told me that was the only way to look younger. Page Six said that Kim said, “I just might.” A lot of people on social media talked about what Kim said.

“Why do I get the feeling that she already has?” one Instagram user asked. Someone on Twitter said, “This is a disorder,” and then they quoted Kim. Another said, “I don’t know about you, but this might be the first or second worst thing I’d want my new Chief Taste Consultant to say.” Another person on social media said, “Yuck! Why would she say that?” One fan said in shock, “Oh, Kim! We love you, but why do you say things like that? Why?”

While Kim and Kanye West are getting a divorce, Kim’s other beauty lines, KKW Fragrance brands and KKW Beauty, are going through a rebranding process.

Before Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in 2021, they had been married for almost seven years. Even though the ex-couple is still fighting over custody, she was legally single as of March 2022. She is dating comedian Pete Davidson right now. At the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in April, they walked the red carpet for the first time. Pete also went to the premiere of his girlfriend’s new show, The Kardashians, in May to cheer her on. Kim and Pete went to the Met Gala in New York in May. This was the second time they were seen together.

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