Gadar 2 LATEST UPDATE: Here's how the celebrity is preparing for THESE key sequences in honour of Sunny Deol's birthday [Exclusive]

One of the few starkids who has made his own way as one of Bollywood’s biggest stars by stepping out of the shadow of his famous father is actor Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol has become one of the most well-known action heroes in Indian cinema thanks to a number of hugely successful action films, including the legendary all-time blockbuster Gadar, which of course helped Sunny Deol achieve super-stardom and a massive fan base. Here is an exclusive Gadar 2 update for Sunny Deol’s birthday on how he is now preparing for the Anil Sharma film, while the world waits for the release of Gadar 2 more than 20 years after the first film’s release.

Gadar 2 latest update – Sunny Deol movie

Sunny Deol is now in Manali, where he is undergoing rigorous training and making substantial preparations for some future action scenes in Gadar 2, according to a well-placed entertainment news source who is fairly close to the star. These appear to be some of the most significant action scenes in the Gadar sequel, and Sunny Paaji is going above and above to prepare for them by getting into top physical condition. Once the performer has finished all of his or her preparation for the sequences, they will be filmed.

Sunny Deol accident and surgery

The aforementioned source further informs us that before heading to Manali to prep for Gadar 2, Sunny Deol was in Rajasthan, shooting for another as yet untitled film, where he injured his spine and ha to relocated to the US for a while to undergo surgery and recuperate. It was only after he was back to full fitness that he could return to the prepping for Gadar 2.. So, there you have it: The Gadar 2 latest update on Sunny Deol’s birthday.

Injury and treatment for Sunny Deol

The aforementioned insider also tells us that before moving to Manali to prepare for Gadar 2, Sunny Deol was in Rajasthan filming for a different, as of yet unreleased movie when he suffered a spine injury and had to temporarily transfer to the US for surgery and recovery. He could resume the preparation for Gadar 2 only after he had returned to full condition. This is the most recent Gadar 2 update regarding Sunny Deol’s birthday.

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