In the last six months, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber have had to deal with unforeseen challenges as the couple has struggled with health issues. While it began with the model being admitted to the hospital following a mini-stroke, Justin also just received a Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, which forced him to cancel his concerts.

Hailey recently discussed the difficulties she faces in her marriage in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The model, who married Justin when she was just 21, thinks that marriage is all about figuring things out as you go along in life. When discussing her recent health concerns and how they affected her marriage, Hailey said, “I simply believe that life is constantly changing. Every day, every week, and every year.”

Considering the couple’s health challenges in recent months, Bieber continued, “I believe the fact that both of us have experienced really major health issues over the past six months is a wonderful illustration of that. You need to learn how to handle this shit as it happens, you know? For better or worse, as they say, there’s a reason. Like, it really happened! “Harper’s Bazaar, via

Hailey experienced what she described as “stroke-like symptoms” in an Instagram story post, which led to her being admitted to the hospital earlier this year for a minor blood clot on her brain. According to accounts, Justin stood by her side nonstop throughout this trying time, but the singer received a Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis himself in June. The artist revealed his diagnosis in an Instagram video in which he also demonstrated how the same has paralysed half of his face. The couple’s health concerns have already been resolved, and Justin just made a stage comeback to complete his current Justice tour.

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