On Friday, Hansika Motwani’s reality show, Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama, debuted on Disney+ Hotstar. The show not only depicts how the actress and her family prepared for the wedding, but it also addresses some allegations levelled against Hansika and her husband, Sohael Khaturiya, around the time of the wedding.

Soon after Hansika announced her engagement to Sohael, many people began posting on social media about Sohael’s first marriage to Rinky. Rinky was said to be best friends with Hansika, who even attended their wedding a few years ago. As this information spread on social media and then on news websites, Hansika was heavily trolled for’stealing’ her best friend’s husband. People accused her of breaking Rinky’s home in all of her social media posts, wedding or otherwise.

Hansika and Sohael addressed the reports in the final few minutes of the first episode of Love Shaadi Drama. Hansika enters her trailer after finishing a film shoot for the day and notices all the articles written about her and Sohael and her being blamed. “The news that I was previously married came out, and it came out in the wrong light,” Sohael explained. It was implied that the breakup was caused by Hansika, which is completely false and unfounded.”

“Just because I knew the person at the time does not imply that it was my fault. This has nothing to do with me. People were quick to point fingers at me because I am a public figure. “This is the price I pay for being a celebrity,” Hansika says to the camera.

“I was first married in 2014, and that marriage lasted for a very short time,” Sohael explains. But this speculation began because we were friends and someone saw photos of her attending my wedding.” He expressed surprise at the sudden influx of attention.

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