Hina Khan wore a pretty blue-mint dress to the Cannes Film Festival for her latest appearance. As soon as her pictures hit social media, fans couldn’t ignore how much her dress looked like the one Priyanka Chopra wore to the premiere of Chasing Happiness in 2019.

Since then, a lot of people have compared their looks and asked the usual “who wore it better?” Hina also saw one of these posts and solved the argument in a humble way. Hina wrote in response to a tweet that compared their looks, “Seriously. “Man, she’s the @priyankachopra.”

Hina’s fans thought her answer was great. “This is why we stan you, Hina, because you’re a real star,” a fan wrote. Another person said, “And you’re also Hina Khan, the most stylish queen. Both queens are beautiful in their own ways.” “Hina admires PC. For her she’s like idol. A fan said, “It looks like Hina was shocked to see this comparison.”

Hina is indeed a fan of Priyanka. In 2019, Hina walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, where she also met Priyanka Chopra. She told RJ Siddharth Kannan last year how scared she was to meet Priyanka. “I had no idea. .. I only knew that I was going to my movie’s trailer launch. I didn’t realise how big things were going to get. But it got really big, and that’s when I realised how important it is. Even more important to me was getting a text message from Priyanka Chopra, which made me decide not to go. I was so scared.”

Hina had written on Instagram about meeting Priyanka, “An unexpected invitation from a world star.. personally, after I woke up and got ready to finally make it, I was still an outsider until you came.” You didn’t have to, but you didn’t let go of my hand for a second. You introduced me to people I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise, and it felt like all of my little career’s successes were happening at once as you treated me like a star in front of each of them. You seem to know everything, since you brought up my first movie and praised my hard work and thanked me for taking risks with my choices.

This year, Priyanka did not go to the festival. She has been working on her upcoming show Citadel.

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