The following film to star Hrithik Roshan is Vikram Vedha, set for release on September 30, 2022. In addition to Vikram Vedha, he has another film, Fighter, in the works, with Deepika Padukone playing the protagonist. Siddharth Anand will helm Fighter, which its producers are referring to as India’s first franchise aerial action movie. Followers of Deepika and Hrithik are eager to see them on film together, and lately the latter divulged a key detail about Fighter at an event that will be doubt make his fans ecstatic.

Hrithik Roshan’s physique and his amazing character changes have consistently been covered in the entertainment press. Hrithik recently disclosed during an occasion that he is undergoing a metamorphosis in order to get ready for his role in Fighter.

At the occasion, he expressed that the transformation is challenging and requested his supporters for blessings and words of encouragement. The actor revealed his type of exercise regimen in addition. He also hinted that Fighter might begin to roll on November 9th. So I should look better than I do right now on November 9th, Hrithik explained. Crossing our fingers.

Hrithik caressing a fan’s feet at the event was another incident that caught everyone’s attention. On social media, the same video has become very popular.

Fans of Hrithik are anticipating seeing him in Vikram Vedha. The teaser for the movie was released a few days ago, and it has gotten positive reviews. Saif Ali Khan also plays the lead in this Tamil remake’s version of the movie with the same name. Vikram Vedha reaches theatres this September, but Fighter won’t come out until September of the following year.

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