Imlie supporters are furious with the channel and the creators. The programme is currently among the most well-liked on social media. Fans adore Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Fahmaan Khan together. Imlie is about to make a generational leap. The male protagonist and the daughters’ roles may be played by fresh actors, according to rumours. This has greatly angered supporters. They believe that this is rushed and that there is still plenty to learn about Aryan Singh Rathore and Imlie’s love story. The lack of a proper romance track has left fans in tears.

The producers’ plans for the upcoming days are now being sought after by fans. They don’t mind if there is a generational shift as long as the two are kept. The perfect connection between Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer has won over hearts, and how. On social media, fans are responding as seen below.

The obsession is clearly unprecedented, as we can see. In the role of Aryan Singh Rathore, Fahmaan Khan has killed. The young actor has gained recognition and is expected to advance in his profession. Actress Sumbul Touqeer, the star of Imlie, has also made an impression.

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