In a new tweet, Divya Agarwal returns ex-boyfriend Varun Sood's 'khandani' jewellery and slams trolls: 'Kabhi maange… Naa kabhi maange'

Divya Agarwal returns ex-boyfriend Varun Sood’s ‘khandani’ jewellery in a new tweet and slams trolls: ‘Kabhi maange… ‘Kabhi maange kabhi maange kabhi maange ka

Divya Agarwal is breaking her silence on the accusation levelled at her by ex-boyfriend Varun Sood’s sister Akshita that she had not returned their ancestral family jewellery. Divya also reacted angrily to the negative comments about the tweets, claiming that she is not a “gold digger.”

Varun and Divya met on the TV reality shows Ace Of Space and Spiltsvilla, where they began dating. They announced their break-up in 2022 on their respective Instagram stories, after dating for a few years. The controversy began a few days ago, when Varun Sood held a Twitter Q&A session with fans, during which one fan asked him if he cheated on Divya. “I didn’t bro,” he said in response to the question.

Varun’s sister Akshita Sood intervened, alleging that Divya had not returned their ancestral family jewellery. The tweets were quickly removed.

Divya took to Twitter to respond to the accusations levelled against her, posting a photo of the jewellery on her palm. She did not name anyone in her tweets and simply stated, “Giving back the “jewellery” (laughing emoticon)”. Following this, the Bigg Boss OTT winner posted another picture of chocolates with the caption, “With some kisses.”

She followed up with another tweet along the same lines, writing, “Not only that, but Take everything!! It was always about give and take… but can someone stop talking because it gets them attention on news websites?

The tweets drew a lot of attention, and both Divya and Varun’s names began trending on the microblogging site. In another tweet, Divya slammed the trolls who called her a “gold digger” for keeping the jewellery. She stated…

“Do you know anyone? Enough already… dragging my father into this trolling for what? No, I don’t want it. It’s not funny and it’s not peaceful for me. I’m not sure about it.. gold digger really? Nobody can take my self-made status away from me.”

In December of last year, Divya Agarwal married restaurateur Apurva Padgaonkar.

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