In a new video, Ananya Panday reacts to being called "such a good actor," leaving Suhana Khan in splits. Watch

Ananya Panday and Naiharika collaborated on a new video in which both are seen arguing with each other. They wore all-red pantsuits while saying ‘I love you’ to each other on camera. They are seen arguing with each other behind the scenes. Ananya told Niharika, “I can’t stand you,” as she said, “I hate you.”

“You never care about my feelings,” Ananya complains to Niharika. “You just have too many emotions, dude,” she said. “You are too sensitive, get it together,” the comedian says after the actor calls her “insensitive.” Ananya didn’t stop there, calling her ‘unfunny.’ “You really need to find a new job,” she added.

“Here’s a joke, you’re such a good actor,” Niharika responded. Ananya reacted by yelling at her, “I can’t believe you said that!” Finally, the two became friends over their favourite food. It’s a commercial for a fast food restaurant.

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