The sneak preview for RM, aka Kim Namjoon’s Folio, a part of the series created by Jeon Jungkook, has been released by BTS’ label Big Hit Music. Given that the BTS frontman has stated that his life’s goal is to strike a balance between being Kim Namjoon, who prefers to live a regular life with family and friends, and being RM, a member of BTS and a global superstar. The video covers everything, from his love of reading and art to his passion for bicycles. Fans, however, adore the initial pictures as he enters wearing all black. Check out the video down below.

In addition to his passion for music, RM also enjoys the arts. He talked about how he aspires to produce works of art that are equally timeless as the ones he sees in other galleries. BTS members have different artistic pursuits. For example, Taehyung enjoys photography, Jungkook enjoys filmmaking, and Jimin enjoys dancing and theatre. ARMY is adoring these images of RM, aka Kim Namjoon, the lead singer of BTS.

BTS’s leader RM claimed in the teaser that using an automobile in a series photo would make it appear staged. Instead, he’s chosen an electric bicycle. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence, as far as we know. Fans of BTS are also anticipating the release of his third album, RM3, and his birthday in September.

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