Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa, comedy stars, have finally revealed the face of their son Laksh, whom they welcomed on April 3. The revelation was made in a special vlog for their YouTube channel Life of Limbachiyaas.

The video began with Singh taking viewers on a tour of Laksh’s room, which features a personalised cot and some adorable toys. Limbachiyaa also appears on camera and remarks on how the baby, unlike his mother, is very calm. Then, with a countdown, they open a gift box containing Laksh.

“Mera beta bada pyaara hai lekin maa ke paas rehta hai,” Haarsh Limbachiyaa says, “but he spends most of his time with his mother.” Bharti Singh adds, “Laksh is a complete Mamma’s boy.” The couple then plants kisses on their baby while talking about him.

Fans were left speechless after seeing the video. “The baby will undoubtedly be a happiness pill for everyone.” “Look at him, he’s so cute,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Laksh is just too cute!” “With all my love and blessings.” Many subscribers also expressed their hope that, while the baby is as adorable as his mother, he will grow up to be a handsome boy like Limbachiyaa.

Fans were moved to tears by the way Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa interacted with their child. “When I saw this video, my heart melted. “More power to this family,” one fan wrote.

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