Independent music allowed me to experiment with genres that I enjoy: Shruti Pathak

Shruti Pathak, the voice behind Bollywood hits such as Mar Jawaan (Fashion, 2008) and Tujhe Bhula Diya (Anjaana Anjaani, 2010), has recently turned to independent music. The singer claims that she is not consciously avoiding film music, but rather “exploring all genres and doing the kind of work that I enjoy.”

“All the songs that I have done in my career so far, whether it was Mar Jawaan or Paayaliya (Dev D, 2009),” Pathak continues. Rather than simply adding a random number of songs to my profile, I’ve always tried to collaborate with amazing musicians and do some good work. Even now, I’ve made the conscious decision not to accept everything that comes my way. That’s why I’m hearing a lot of independent music.”

“I don’t see many original songs being written of late,” Shruti says as an artiste who has been observing the industry up close. Though I am not against recreation, I believe it is overdone. It’s sad that there have been so many good films released in the last five years, but we can’t even name five good songs. That’s because, for the past two decades, Bollywood has dominated the music industry, leaving no room for independent music except for 1-2 songs.” Having said that, Pathak believes that artists are once again focusing on it, which she welcomes.

When asked if she has felt creatively suffocated in the last 14 years of working as a singer, Pathak tells us that she is not the type of person who will succumb to a situation despite her unpleasant experience. “In my career, I have always done the type of work that I enjoy, and the reason for this is a combination of two factors: a conscious decision to work on projects that I enjoy, and life blessing me with opportunities that align with my perception,” she concludes.

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