Jennifer Lawrence claims that after the Hunger Games were successful, she lost control.

Jennifer Lawrence has acknowledged that she lost self-control following the success of The Hunger Games in 2012 and began to view every choice as a collective one.

After taking a break from acting, Jennifer Lawrence is back with Causeway, a film that marks her return to the big screen as a character dealing with PTSD. In a recent interview, the actor discussed how she lost control following the huge success of The Hunger Games in 2012 and thought about making a decision at that time only after consulting with a group of individuals.

The star now asserts that she has reclaimed her identity. She said, “It seems personal for the first time in a long time,” when discussing her work with Francine Stock as part of the London Film Festival’s Screen Talk series, according to Variety.

I suppose I lost a sense of control, Jennifer stated at the event while discussing the period following the publication of The Hunger Games. I became such a commodity between the release of The Hunger Games and winning the Oscar [for 2012’s Silver Lining Playbook] that I felt like every choice was a huge, huge group decision. Because there was a lack of control, I am unable to recall those years as I think back now.

Following her breakout performance in Winter Bone in 2010, Jennifer has appeared in the X-Men series, Mother by Darren Aronofsky, Joy and American Hustle by David O. Russell, and Adam McKay’s 2021 satire Don’t Look Up. Her first project as a producer is the independent drama Causeway, which will begin streaming on Apple TV on November 4.

In the movie, Lynsey, a character played by Jennifer, returns from Afghanistan suffering from a crippling brain damage. Returning reluctantly to her birthplace and mother’s house to heal, she makes an odd bond with a local mechanic (played by Brian Tyree Henry) and finds solace and healing in it.

The film, which Lila Neugebauer directed, was produced before the pandemic and put an end to Jennifer’s brief acting hiatus. “I began the movie when I got engaged. I returned carrying a baby and married. And, you know, my own sense of staying in, of being at home, was so very different “She spoke.

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