Jessica Chastian falls on stage, calls it "embarrassing," but she had "handsome men who helped me so.....'

Jessica Chastain fell while walking up the stairs after her name was announced as the winner of the 2023 SAG Awards. Despite finding the incident humiliating, she saw it as a blessing in disguise because two handsome men assisted her, and she was ultimately very pleased.

Jessica Chastain stumbled on her taffeta Zuhair Murad gown, which was captured by multiple cameras, moments after her name was announced as the winner of Outstanding Performance in a Television Movie or Limited Series for ‘George and Tammy’ at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2023.

Despite describing it as embarrassing in new interviews, she saw it as a blessing in disguise because some helpful men assisted her in effortlessly reaching the stage. She triumphed over Niecy Nash, Amanda Seyfried, Julia Garner, and Emily Blunt.

Chastain admitted to being ‘a little embarrassed’ by her fall in an interview with PEOPLE after the event, but joked about it, saying, “I tripped on the stairs — but I had two very handsome men helping me up” — one of whom was Paul Mescal! — “So it wasn’t all bad.”

Despite the embarrassing moment, Chastain was overjoyed with her victory, saying, “I’m just so overjoyed and happy and I can’t believe it.” This was her third SAG Award win out of five nominations, making it a significant accomplishment for her. While the stumble was unavoidable, Chastain’s positive attitude and gratitude for the award demonstrate her resilience and professionalism.

“Oh my goodness,” she said in her acceptance speech as she accepted the award. Thank you incredibly much. Thank you for your support of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I just want to thank my fellow nominees. Niecy, Amanda, Emily, and Julia. I’ve seen all of your performances and am completely blown away by you and your talent. Yes, because they’re incredible. “

“I need to thank Kay, and Chris, and Keith, and everyone at Showtime, because the only reason I’m up here is because they convinced people to watch the show, and I’m so grateful to them,” she continued. Abe Sylvia, our showrunner, and my producing partner, Kelly Carmichael. Josh Brolin, David Glasser, and Andrew Lazer star. The show exists because of your talent, John Hillcoat.

And I am eternally grateful to you. I’m sharing this with Michael Shannon, who I consider to be one of our greatest working actors. It was a dream collaboration from the start, and I wouldn’t have made it to day two without his help. And I’m currently performing in New York.”

” Here’s my plug for A Doll’s House. If anyone wants to come see it, they are welcome. And every day after the show, I get to meet people at the stage door, including a lot of actors who tell me their stories. And it reminds me of when Philip Seymour Hoffman came to speak to my class in college

He told us all of his frustrating audition stories, and he encouraged us to keep going even when we felt like no one was watching us. And at the end of talk, he said, I look forward to working with each of you. And it really surprised me because it was as if he created it.

She concluded with, “And I am telling the story now because it reminds me of how powerful our mind is, and that we are what our thoughts create. So I just want to tell everyone who might be struggling at home, to all the actors that I get to meet, keep going, you’re one job away. I look forward working with you. I’ll see you on set. And I love you. Thank you so much.”

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