BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook said on Tuesday that they will be focusing more on their individual careers than the K-pop group. Jin had spoken about having fun on his own and hinted a prospective solo Variety show in an interview aired only hours before they announced the announcement at their annual Festa dinner.
Jin, actual name Kim Seok-jin, previously collaborated with BTS on three solo tracks: Awake, Epiphany, and Moon. In a recent interview, he discussed solo undertakings and how he struggled to tackle things on his own.

He told Weverse magazine that he wanted to offer something on his own “I used to think it was such a huge deal if I had to do something. Like, how am I supposed to manage anything this enormous right now? I used to be really depressed, but I believe my personality has evolved significantly. The biggest shift in my thinking is that now, even if a significant project is in the works, I believe I can complete it. When I’m writing music for other people to listen to, instead of thinking, ‘How can I manage this?’ I think, ‘I can handle this!'”

The singer, who included a new version of Epiphany in BTS’ newest album Evidence, explained that it was part of his new personality, in which he does what he wants when he wants. When questioned whether this is his method of balancing the band and his personal life, Jin replied, ‘he wants to be able to have pleasure on his own also without inconveniencing anybody else.’

“I thought about appearing on a variety show to make myself happy, not for the group or because of my popularity or for business, since recording those shows may put me in a joyful mood,” he teased. Of course, there are some difficult aspects to variety shows, but it’s also a chance to laugh your head off on set all day. I said how I felt like I was observing both the other members and the ARMY at the most recent concert, correct? So I want to do it for fun – I’ll be on stage giving a performance while also seeing a BTS concert up close. I’m appearing on a variety programme, but

observing that performance up close.”

The band members had told the ARMY that they would return one day, but Jin had stated, “Remember, nothing works according to planned,” referring to how many times their plans had previously altered. Big Hit subsequently emphasised that the band members were discussing moving their attention to separate ventures rather than announcing a sabbatical.

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