Jin left for Argentina to perform his new single “Astronaut” with Coldplay less than a week after BTS disclosed their military enlistment plans, while Jungkook travelled to Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022 events. Jin was photographed at the airport, straightening his hair and nervously smiling, while Jungkook’s bespectacled appearance has been all over ARMY’s social media.

Fans commented on the videos, saying things like, “Have a safe travel!” Take excellent care of Jungkook, Qatar!”

On October 15, BTS played their final scheduled concert in Busan, and addressed the ARMY, urging that they trust and believe in them regardless of what the future brings. Two days later, they declared through their agency that they would be proceeding with their necessary military service—a matter that has been widely debated for the past year, with many hoping for an exemption. Rather than waiting for the resolution to be enacted in December, the band opted to forward with their preparations nonetheless.

Jin, who will turn 30 in December, will start the process, and the rest will follow according to their respective timelines. Jin will release his single “Astronaut” before heading for military service. The other members have intimated that they are working on albums, but no release dates have been set.

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