In his upcoming film Jaadugar, Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya plays a magician. The actor recently revealed that he needed to perform a few magic shows before he felt confident in his abilities.

“I began training for the magic tricks back in November 2020, and it was quite a long and tedious journey that lasted around a month and a half,” Jitendra explained. My trainer told me that I wouldn’t pass until I did a show. We organised a virtual zoom show back when the lockdown was still in effect. I had meticulously set up the lights and props to ensure that people were duped and I would pass. So it worked! I also succeeded in duping them with a lot of music.”

According to the Panchayat actor, the magic show “definitely gave me a confidence boost and helped me hone my skills better,” but the virtual show was insufficient. So he went on to do a few live shows as well. “I did a stage show with props, as well as a street show with a small group.” “I realised that when the audience is small, there are no lights or music to help you, and you have to trick people, which is more difficult because people can catch things,” he explained.

Jaadugar is directed by Samir Saxena and stars Javed Jaaferi and Arushi Sharma. “Set in a football-loving town Neemuch, Jaadugar is a story of a small-time magician, Meenu, with no athletic skill who must prove his worth in a prestigious inter-colony football tournament in order to marry the love of his life.” There are only two things against him: the girl doesn’t love him back, and his team hasn’t won a game in years!”

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