Kanika Kapoor just got married to an NRI businessman, Gautam Hathiramani. After the wedding, she talked about how she met and fell in love with him. The singer said that she has known Gautam for almost 15 years and that he is her best friend.

Kanika said that it wasn’t easy for them to go from being friends to getting married, because she wasn’t sure if Gautam’s family would accept her because she was divorced and had three kids. “Because I’m divorced and have three kids, I wasn’t sure if he and his family would accept me. I was wrong, though. She told E-Times, “Today, I want to tell women that no matter what happens, in the end, happiness is waiting for you.”

In August 2021, Gautam asked Kanika to marry him. But before that, Kanika had asked him twice to marry her. “I asked him for the first time in 2014, after Baby Doll came out. But all he did was roll his eyes because he thought I was making a joke. Then, in 2020, I asked him again, and that’s when he realised I was serious. “That was the start of our love story,” Kanika said.

And finally, all of her dreams came true when Gautam asked her to marry him and they set a date. Kanika said that she had felt lonely for 10 years when she talked about how she felt. But now that she is married to her “strong support system,” she is happy.

“I’ve been alone for the past 10 years. I’m glad to be married now. As an artist, I might be surrounded by people and perform in front of a big crowd, but after work, I would feel lonely,” she said.

Kanika and Gautam got married in London in a private but very fancy ceremony. The newlyweds will have a party for their friends in the entertainment business in Mumbai.

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