Tinu Verma, the action director, recalled asking Kapil Sharma to follow the instructions on the set of Gadar and telling him, “Teri vajah se one more hua hai shot (We are doing one more take because of you).

Kapil Sharma, who has a massive fan base, previously played a minor role in Sunny Deol’s film Gadar. While the scene was never used, Kapil has some terrifying memories of working on Gadar’s sets. Tinu Verma, the film’s action director, recalled how he became irritated with Kapil and threw him off the set in a recent interview. He explained that they were filming with a large crowd and that everyone was told to run towards the train, but as soon as he said action, Kapil, who was in the audience, ran in the opposite direction twice.
Tinu Verma, the action director, slapped Kapil Sharma.
Verma recalled asking Kapil to follow the instructions during a conversation with veteran actor Mukesh Khanna.

Teri vajah se one more hua hai shot (Because of you, we’re doing one more take).” As they resumed their journey, Tinu Verma and his team were completely focused on Kapil, who was running in the opposite direction. Following this, Verma slammed the comedian, saying, “Main uss bade ke paas bhaaga aur main camera chhoda. Or, phaaad (makes a slapping motion), ek kaan ke neeche diye aur maine bola isko bahar nikaalo. (I dropped the camera and dashed towards him. I slapped him the moment I caught him. Remove him from the set.) ”
Earlier, on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show,’ Kapil recalled the same incident while speaking with Sunny Deol.

He admitted that he ran in the opposite direction in order to stand out. He claimed that if he ran with them, he would be lost in the crowd, so the only way he could get noticed was to run in the opposite direction.

Concerning ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’
According to reports, The Kapil Sharma Show is returning to television screens. A report in TelleChakkar revealed details about the show’s new season. It said, “After a few months off, the team is ready to begin the new season. Kapil’s team will reportedly see some new actors join the star cast. With new members joining the show, the entertainment quotient will be high. The new season of The Kapil Sharma Show will premiere in September. Now comes word that the show will premiere on Sony TV on September 3rd.” 

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