Kapil Sharma's mother tells Akshay Kumar about how, as a child, he would keep 'pudiya' in front of the homes of his neighbours at night.

Kapil Sharma’s mother told Akshay Kumar that her son was not mischievous as a child. She also mentioned a childhood incident involving Kapil. View the video.

Kapil Sharma, a comedian, shared a brief video of his mother Janak Rani discussing his childhood with actor Akshay Kumar. Kapil Sharma took to Instagram to share a clip from his show, The Kapil Sharma Show, in which his mother and Akshay spoke in Punjabi while the comedian listened.

In the video, Akshay Kumar asks Kapil’s mother if she ever told him when he was younger to make the guests laugh. She responded that Kapil was not a bad child. “If he is not shaitan (naughty), then no one in the world is,” a surprised Akshay said.

The comedian’s mother then recalled a time when a young Kapil used to leave ‘pudiya (packets)’ in front of people’s homes in their residential quarter at night. She claimed that when the neighbours woke up in the morning, they would wonder, “Keda mar gaya, tona kar gaya?” “I used to get very angry because I knew it was my son,” she added. Everyone burst out laughing, including Kapil.

Kapil then asked his mother about the first movie her husband took her to see in a theatre, and she said it was Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978). When the comedian asked what was going through her mind, she replied that her husband was attractive but she wasn’t. Kapil’s mother added that she was scared when he took her out at night, wondering if he would push her and kill her.

Kapil then asked his mother about the first movie her husband took her to see in a theatre, to which she replied, “Mai Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki” (1978). When the comedian inquired about her thoughts, she stated that her husband was attractive but she was not. Kapil’s mother also stated that she was terrified when he took her out at night, fearful that he would push her and kill her.

Kapil was born in Punjab to Jeetendra Kumar Punj, a head constable, and Janak Rani. He has a brother and a sister as well. Kapil and Ginni Chatrath married in 2018. They have two children: Anayra, born in 2019, and Trishaan, born in 2021.

Kapil’s debut single, Alone, was recently released. For the song, he collaborated with singer Guru Randhawa. Kapil will appear in Zwigato, which will be released in theatres on March 17.

The film, directed by Nandita Das, is set in Bhubaneswar and follows the journey of a food delivery person as she explores the world of the gig economy. Last September, Zwigato had its world premiere at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, followed by an Asian premiere at the 27th Busan International Film Festival.

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