Kim Kardashian is the epitome of sexual attraction. Every breath she takes, every movement she makes, every stride she takes—to paraphrase a well-known song by the renowned pop-rock group The Police—radiates sex appeal. She is also quite wealthy, with the majority of her income coming through inheritance. When Kim Kardashian recently decided to show off her underboobs in a seductive, silver monokini, made all the more stunning by pairing it with lace-up sandals and Batman-styled spectacles, those sides of her once again came to the fore. Warning: Try to see these pictures when no one is nearby, or at least when no one you don’t feel comfortable around. See her photos below:

Kim Kardashian now on the hunt for a man older than her last BF

Kim Kardashian wants to break up with Pete Davidson, according to a Hollywood news article in E News, but her friends and sisters are always attempting to set her up. According to the report, Kim is looking to branch out this time and explore dating with non-celebrities; she would prefer someone much older than her last boyfriend, who was 28 years old, as she is now looking for maturity and understanding in a man – someone who supports her way of life and doesn’t interfere in her decisions.

Kim Kardashian apparently crowdsourcing potential boyfriends

She may even be prepared to crowdsource prospective boyfriends, which wouldn’t be a problem given how appealing most men find her. What are you still holding out for? If you’ve always wanted to go on a date with Kim Kardashian, try your luck. The future? This time, you might just strike it rich and realise that deeply held ambition.

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