Kim Kardashian is accused of removing her neck’s trapezius muscles via photoshop in her most recent shot; internet users think that she can’t meet their criteria for beauty.

Kim Kardashian recently faced intense internet criticism for saying that average people may “achieve” her standards of beauty. It’s no secret that the reality TV personality and businesswoman has enormous wealth at her disposal to meet all of her needs. She also enjoys the freedom to spend her free time as she sees fit, as well as access to amenities like home gyms, personal chefs, personal trainers, and a horde of beauticians. Therefore, it makes sense that people are having a hard time believing Kim Kardashian’s assertions. She is already facing criticism once more for reportedly removing her trapezius muscles from her neck in her most recent photo session.

Kim Kardashian removes her neck’s trapezius muscles with photoshop.

In an internet video, a TikTok user claims to show how Kim Kardashian removed her neck’s trapezius muscles during a recent bikini photo shoot at the pool. She supports her claim with a BTS image and water waves that appear right after the editing. Internet users immediately began criticising the reality TV actress for not being able to meet their own excessive standards of beauty after the video went viral. Some even questioned why such a beautiful woman needed to remove a perfectly natural body feature in the first place. See an example of the same from the video in the screenshot provided below:

Kim Kardashian asserts that her standards for beauty are “attainable.”

According to Hollywood news reports, when asked if she feels “responsible, even guilty, for setting an unrealistic, unattainable beauty standard”, Kim Kardashian insisted that if she’s doing it, “it’s attainable.” She also added that she always bees herself and the only cosmetic surgery she’s had is Botox, emphasising that rumours of her lip or cheek fillers or eyelash extensions are all untrue.

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