Kriti Sanon, why is she taller than Tabu? The internet is abuzz with speculation about Kareena Kapoor's new The Crew photoshoot

Kareena Kapoor’s decision to collaborate with Kriti Sanon, Tabu, and Rhea Kapoor for her next film, The Crew, has left her fans impressed. Kareena made the announcement via a video from a photoshoot they did for Vogue India. While many were taken aback by the new video’s star power, many others had questions.

Kareena was in the centre of the photoshoot, flanked by Tabu and Kriti on either side of her. She appeared to be the tallest in the photo while actually being the shortest in the group. It was even mentioned on Reddit and Instagram by a few people. “Why does Kareena appear to be taller than Kriti?” read one comment. “Did they force Kareena to stand on something?” She is not taller than Kriti. “Why do we need power play everywhere?” one person wondered. “Wait! Tabu is shorter than Kareena, or Kareena couldn’t stand looking short in front of two tall ladies and chose to stand on an elevation?”

However, it appears that the explanation is not all that deep. “Look at the bottom of the video at the very end,” one Redditor explained. She’s on a raised platform. Making a pyramid-like perspective is very common in photoshoots for visual symmetry.” Even Vogue posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Kareena laughing with the other cast members while standing on the pedestal. Diet Sabya also shared the photo in order to avoid ‘bebo heightgate.’

Many fans also commented that Tabu should have been in the middle for her acting experience. “In terms of seniority, career longevity, and talent, Tabu should be in the centre. “Thank you,” said one Instagram user. Another user commented, “Tabu >>>>> it’s a shame they didn’t have her in the centre.” “Tabu should’ve been in the middle,” wrote another.

Kareena said of the film, “I think I’ve just been waiting for something like this to come together with the right people.” Rhea, I’ve always known that whatever you did next would be nothing short of spectacular. I remember when we talked about the plot and you said you wanted to bring in Tabu and Kriti… I was just thinking how great it would be if you could get them to sign on. You and I created magic in Veere, but it’s going to be so exciting to make this film with two such talented female actors.”

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