Kriti Sanon's mother responds to Karan Johar's tweet about the actor being 'belittled'

Kriti Sanon’s mother responds to Karan Johar’s tweet about the actor being ‘belittled’

Kriti Sanon’s mother appears to believe that Karan Johar attempted to insult her daughter. Karan once revealed that Kriti turned down Lust Stories because of her mother.

Karan Johar once upset fans when he revealed on his show Koffee With Karan 7 that Kriti rejected Lust Stories because of her mother. Many people believe Karan mentioned Kriti on purpose to offend her. However, when Kriti Sanon’s mother, Geeta Sanon, agreed that Karan may have tried to treat Kriti lightly, the speculations took a different turn.

It all started when Karan revealed that he had first offered Lust Stories to Kriti Sanon. He revealed that Kriti turned down the film because of her mother, and that Kiara Advani eventually came on board. “I had offered it to Kriti Sanon, the role…and she said her mom wouldn’t let her,” the filmmaker explained. I assumed that every mother would stand in line, refusing to allow their daughters. It is, in fact, a very empowering story. It all comes down to a woman’s right to pleasure.”

He also stated that he later met Kiara at the home of designer Manish Malhotra and invited her to meet him for the short film. This revelation sparked heated debate among Twitter users. Many thought Karan was trying to belittle Kriti, but others dismissed it as a far-fetched theory. “#KaranJohar is trying so hard 2 belittle #KritiSanon in #KoffeeWithKaranS7. First in Sonam’s episode, then in Kiara’s episode,” one fan tweeted. He’s purposefully dragging her name and always ends the conversation with Kriti in a negative light. But guess what she accomplished without you, and you can’t bring her down.” Kriti’s mother appeared to agree with the speculation, liking the tweet claiming Karan was attempting to diminish the actor.

In relation to the decision, Geeta Sanon recently explained why she asked Kriti not to choose Lust Stories. “I thought we wouldn’t be comfortable seeing her do such a scene at the start of her career,” Sje told India Today. “I think her issue was more that it was a short film and not a full-length film, so my mother said it was a 20-minute thing about only female orgasm.” That makes sense if you’re doing a 20-minute thing in a full-fledged film. I don’t believe anything is wrong. “Perhaps, as Karan said, if he had talked to my mother, everything would have been fine,” Kriti Sanon explained in the same interview.

Kriti Sanon made her Bollywood debut opposite Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. She was most recently seen in Bachchhan Paandey and is looking forward to the release of Bhediya.

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