In her new book, Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir, Kubbra Sait says that she was sexually abused as a teen. The actor talked about how she had to put up with abuse as a child to keep her family from being “destroyed.” She wrote in the book that she didn’t tell her mother that she had been abused at home “under her nose” until many years later. Kubbra also said that her mother recently told her she was sorry, even though the abuse happened decades ago. A family friend, who she calls “X” in her book, abused her for two and a half years. Continue: Kubbra Sait talks about why she apologised to Makarand Deshpande in front of a lot of people in a bar.

Kubbra wrote in the book about her traumatic experiences that she was only 17 years old when she was caught up in the “greatest tragedy” she had ever known. She said that she and her family often went to a restaurant in Bangalore, where the owner got to know her and her brother, Danish. The actor said that he even helped their mother with her “financial woes.” Kubbra said that the man began sexually abusing her soon after he had “helped” her. He was also adamant that she not call him uncle.

“When Mumma sighed because cash gave her a break, I did too. Just then, a hand moved to where I was sitting in the back of the car and pulled my dress up. X smiled as he rubbed my thigh. He was no longer my uncle. I felt nothing at that moment… He started coming to our house, and Mumma would cook for him and laugh with him. He would kiss me on the cheek and tell her, “Oh, Kubrati, you’re my favourite little one.” “Even though I was uncomfortable, I didn’t say anything,” says an excerpt from Kubbra Sait’s book Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir that was published by Times of India.

Kubbra said that X took her to a hotel, where he stroked her face and then kissed her lips. This was the first time she was sexually abused. She said she was “stunned and confused,” but she couldn’t say anything else. “This wasn’t supposed to be happening, but it was. I wanted to scream but couldn’t. I should have gotten help right away, but I was too shocked to move. The kiss deepened. He convinced me that it was what I wanted and that it would make me feel better. He kept saying it over and over until I couldn’t hear him, and then he took off his belt. I didn’t know what was going on, but I remember thinking, “I’m going to lose my virginity.” “It was a big deal, but I also felt bad about it,” Kubbra wrote.

Since then, she has written that X, who was married and had a child, grew like a virus in their home. During the years that he sexually abused Kubbra, he had a second child. She wrote that he would stop taking Kubbra’s mother’s calls if she fought him. Kubbra said that her mother didn’t know what was going on between X and her daughter and would yell at the actor for fighting with X when he wouldn’t help the family. Kubbra also wrote that she was being abused sexually and that no one in her close circle “could even tell.”

Kubbra also wrote in her book, “Life Isn’t a Fairy Tale,” that X told her family that if she ever told them about her sexual abuse, “it would destroy us.” The actor said that she believed everything he said and that she probably wouldn’t have done anything different if she had been dealt the same cards today. She said that her mind and soul “felt dead” at that time.

Kubbra became well-known for his role as Kuku in the hit Netflix show Sacred Games. She also did

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