It seems like Laal Singh Chaddha, one of the most ambitious movies ever made, was a disaster, and Aamir Khan is still struggling to accept this. As opposed to prior claims that the superstar is in shock about the failure of the movie. The most recent sources indicate that Aamir is still insistent about delaying the film’s OTT release for another six months. According to rumours in Indian Express, Aamir is prepared to hold off for at least six months and wants people to see the movie in theatres. According to reports, the movie has only made 50 crores so far, making it Aamir Khan’s biggest failure since Mela.

When asked recently by Aamir about the movie’s OTT release, he responded, “OTT is not a threat to the movie theatre, but we are making it one. What we’re trying to convey is that you don’t have to go see our movies when they come out in theatres. since you can view it at home in a few weeks. How do you anticipate that people will access theatres? “.The superstar insisted that audiences would have to wait at least six months if they chose not to see the movie in theatres. While the Kerala film chambers apparently consented to these days before releasing a film on OTT, the stakeholders are reportedly quite pleased with his decision. Typically, the time gap is 42 days.

Given that the superstar intends to distribute the movie in China as well, we question if he still has faith in the box office results. It was previously established that Netflix will be using the film’s rights; Aamir wanted to pay them 150 crores for it, but they were happy with 90. They apparently withdrew after seeing the backlash, and as a result, there are now no OTT buyers for Aamir Khan’s film. So, the issue is, would Laal Singh Chaddha still have supporters and watchers in six months? Naga Chaitanya and Kareena Kapoor Khan are also featured in the movie.

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